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Year's Support

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Chapter 53-3 Year's Support for the Family

53-3-1 Preference and entitlement to year's support.

(a) As used in this chapter, the terms "child" or "children" mean any minor child who would be entitled to inherit if the child's parent died intestate.

(b) Among the necessary expenses of administration and to be preferred before all other debts, except as specifically provided otherwise in this chapter, is the provision of year's support for the family.

(c) The surviving spouse and minor children of a testate or intestate decedent are entitled to year's support in the form of property for their support and maintenance for the period of 12 months from the date of the decedent's death.

53-3-3 Will provision in lieu of support - election.

A testator by will may make provision for the spouse in lieu of year's support, in which case the surviving spouse must make an election.

53-3-5 Petition for year's support.

(a) Upon the death of any individual leaving an estate solvent or insolvent, the surviving spouse or a guardian or other person acting in behalf of the surviving spouse or in behalf of a minor child may file a petition for year's support in the probate court having jurisdiction over the decedent's estate. If the petition is brought by a guardian acting on behalf of a minor child, no additional guardian ad litem shall be appointed for such minor child unless ordered by the court.

(b) The petition shall set forth, as applicable, the full name of the surviving spouse, the full name and birthdate of each surviving minor child and a schedule of the property, including household furniture, which the petitioner proposes to have set aside. The petition shall fully and accurately describe any real property the petitioner proposes to have set aside with a legal description sufficient under the laws of this state to pass title to the real property.

(c) A petition for year's support shall be filed within 24 months of the date of death of the decedent.

53-3-16 Real property subject to mortgage.

Whenever the vendor of real property makes a deed to such real property and takes a mortgage to secure the purchase money for such real property, neither the surviving spouse nor the children of the vendee shall be entitled to year's support in the real property as against the vendor or the vendor's heirs or assigns until the purchase money is fully paid.


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